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Log your find

You can create a new log using the log buttons on the compass tab while navigating to a cache or by using the Local logs button which will show a popup menu from which you can select New.

The log edit dialog is displayed. You select the type of the log, for example Found it. The log text is prefilled with your signature which you define in the settings.

You can add smileys and images to your log. If the cache contains any trackables (travelbugs, geocoins etc) then you can pick them up and add a log record for that.

It is also possible to drop trackables into the cache if you have picked up any earlier. CacheMaid keeps track of what trackables you pick up.

When you are done click save.

The new local log is visible on the cache details page, it has a notepad icon attached to it.

If you want to edit the log just tap it. The local log remains on your device until you upload it.

You may upload your local log records to the geocaching site whenever you wish. This is done through the Local logs button.

If you upload them they will be stored on the site and your local logs will be changed to normal log records.

Another alternative is to send all local logs by email as fieldnotes, a functionality supported by but then the local logs will remain on your device.